About Us

General Introduction

More than 10 years ago, with a deep concern about the health of Vietnamese people, we began our journey in the field of Medical. In June 2009, Phuc Tin Trading and Service Technology Co. Ltd. (PT Medical), which is also the forerunner of the current PT Group, was established.

Over the past decade, we have been making continuous efforts to develop into a Group with the name PT GROUP (PTG). With the motto Changing for developing, we are not afraid to try our best to break into new fields.

From the field of Medical Devices, we have gradually expanded into the following areas:

+ Trading…

+ Services

Nevertheless, despite many changes, we still preserve and promote the good values established by the PT Group founder since the beginning: always care about your health and your happiness.

Executive Board

Tập Đoàn PT (PT Group)

Accompanying the development of PT Group is the whole-hearted contribution of the talented and enthusiastic Leaders. They are the pioneers, the captains that had led PT Group to what it is today with their effective strategies. In addition, they also create opportunities for the staff to promote their strengths and abilities in a sociable and equitable work environment. Hence, the PT Group can build strong solidarity between members.

Tập đoàn PT - PTG

Vision & Mission

Vision: Be the leading multidisciplinary group in Vietnam.

Mission: For the happy life of Vietnamese people.

Core Values

Phúc tín