To diversify our products and services, we have continuously developed more brands in the Services field, such as PT EVENT, PT LOGISTICS, PT EXPRESS.

+ PT EVENT brings you the creativity and efficiency in organizing various types of events such as team building, annual trips, and events for companies, specialized conferences, seminars …. Besides, PT Event also sends you our wholehearted support through a Wedding planner service so that your big day will be perfect and memorable. Also, PT Event launched the PT Flower brand specializing in supplying flowers according to the needs of businesses and individuals.

+ PT LOGISTICS provides you the following services: International Transportation SEA / AIR, Customs clearance, Transportation services, Warehouse, Logistics consulting. At PT Logistics, we understand that our customers not only need a safe and affordable service but also our staff working directly with you must be enthusiastic and professional. PT Logistics does not sell customs services, PT Logistics brings you the RELIANCE.

+ PT EXPRESS is a part of PT Logistics, we provide you with inner and suburban transportation services at competitive prices. In addition, with a professionally trained delivery team, PT Express we promise that your items will always be delivered to the recipient in their best condition.