To bring high-quality products that can meet the diverse needs of customers, we have expanded our business and launched the following brands:

+ PT Flower: PT Flower launched with the desire to bring the best solution of flower to businesses – professional, luxurious, and impressive. Besides, each flower array is also carefully cared for by the hands of the skilled flower arrangers, to blow the soul into each work before reaching the hands of flower lovers.

+ PT Healthy Mart: Recognize the importance of foods as well as their long-term effects on people’s health, PT Healthy Mart was formed to bring you one more choice of a good and plentiful source of food for the family. PT Healthy Mart specializes in providing healthy foods, beverages & vegetables.

+ PT Gourmet: PT Gourmet, a brand under PT Food, was established to nurture people’s health. With the commitment to put consumers’ health in the first place always, our PT Gourmet distributes quality, safe & nutritious products. PT Gourmet specializes in the line of fresh foods, organic foods, spices & confectionery, etc. with eye-catching and luxurious packaging.

+ With the desire to improve the quality of Vietnamese people’s daily meals, Thit Nhap was established. True to its name, Thit Nhap specializes in providing high quality imported beef products at affordable prices, promising to bring quality meals to your family.