Medical Devices

Over the past 10 years of continuously striving and developing in the Medical Devices business, as a bridge to bring Vietnamese people closer to modern devices from leading countries in the medical field such as Japan, Netherlands, USA, Germany …, currently, we have established 5 member companies with key product lines including:

+ PT MEDICAL: Interventional Cardiology, Neurological Intervention, Peripheral Intervention, Cardiac Surgery, General Surgery.

+ PT BIOMED: Infection Prevention, and Consumables in Intravenous Infusion, Blood Specimen Collection, Diabetes Care, and Bone Marrow Biopsy.

PT LAB: Point of Care, Hematology, Chemistry Analyzer.

PT HEALTHCARE: Interventional Solutions, Intelligent Cancer Care, Medical Service, Radiotherapy, Consumable Devices.

And we will continue to expand our market as well as key products to bring the best quality healthcare products to Vietnamese people and actively contributing to the development of the healthcare system of Vietnam.